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Share a little love with our selection of chocolate bars, crafted by bean-to-bar makers from ethically sourced cocoa.

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Chocolatemakers Pure Love 65%

The beans in this bar come from CooAgroNevada, a women’s cooperative from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta nature reserve, Colombia and are brought to Amsterdam by wind on the sailing ship the Tres Hombres. This 65% bar is pure love that comes with nuances of cherry, raisins and prunes. This taste is naturally already in the Criollo cocoa and is brought out with light roasting; pure enjoyment.

Crow & Moss Ecuador Camino Verde 70%

Camino Verde is a privately owned fermentary located in Duran, just minutes outside Guayaquil, Ecuador. Owner Vicente Norero sources the organic beans on a nearby 381-hectare cocoa estate which he previously owned and managed. Crafted in to chocolate on the shores of Lake Michigan. The moment you tear open the bag, you’ll inhale the deep floral aroma of this bar. The texture is fudgy and rich, giving way to deep, earthy flavours like roasted nuts and a lingering, malty finish.

Svenska Kakaobolaget Peru 72%

A dark chocolate with elegant tones of rose, lychee and freshly ground black pepper. The beans are from the producer Ucayali River Cacao which has its fermentation station outside Pucallpa in the Peruvian part of the Amazon. URC is working with USAID and Alianza Peru to provide farmers with a way out of the cocaine industry. URC buys fresh cocoa and pays ten percent more than the corresponding weight of fermented cocoa. The cocoa farmers thus get paid more and also avoid the laborious fermentation work. All of Svenska Kakaobolaget’s chocolate is made bean to bar in their factory in Österlen, Sweden.

Rio Nuevo Raspberry – Limited Edition mini bar

Rio Nuevo have partnered with Louise Misha to bring you this limited edition chocolate bar, and have created a wonderful and irresistible fusion of flavours. This smooth semi-sweet chocolate bar melts in your mouth and balances perfectly with the raspberry flavour. Cocoa from Ecuador and crafted in to chocolate in Cornwall. By purchasing this bar you are making a contribution to the charity Solidarité Femmes

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