Once you fall in love with fine, crafted chocolate your taste buds will never be the same. They will cry out to discover the delights of different beans, different makers, different regions. It is not just taste that can delight the senses. The feel of different chocolates in your mouth. the different textures; very smooth, slightly rough. the thickness or the softness, fudginess or crispness. There are so many experiences that await you.

Part of the fun is taking time to choose. Look at the different descriptions, about the maker, the source of the beans. The flavour profile and even the texture. If you are like us you soon discover the more you try the more you like. Desperately hoping to find a preference but actually enjoying, most of all, the differences between the bars.

Chocolate can have an unbelievable depth of flavour, it can linger and last. It can tantalize and tease. It can swirl around with fleeting tastes of true deliciousness followed by a burst of absolute heaven.

Each maker will treat the beans differently so it is always worth trying the same bean from a different maker There are many things that affect the flavour of chocolate, some of which we are only just beginning to learn. The bean themselves, where they grow, the fermentation, the makers touch can all significantly affect the flavour, the feel of the chocolate on the tongue.

If you don’t yet love fine, crafted chocolate, we are sure that you soon will.  Take a look around the shop.  Get in touch with any questions.  Join our mailing list.  Explore our allergen free chocolates.  Enjoy.

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