Five Continents Selection


Five dark bars, each with beans sourced from a different continent

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A selection of five dark chocolate bars from our craft makers, each with beans sourced from a different continent

Asia | Vietnam

Belvie Tien Giang 70%

AoC Bronze award winning single origin chocolate, from Tien Giang province in the Mekong River Delta. Growing in alluvial soil and influenced by the tropical monsoon climate, these cacao beans result in inviting and flavourful chocolate. Its flavour profile starts with a refreshing and mild acidity. The balanced combination of fruity, creamy and rich taste makes a full-bodied chocolate that will tickle your senses.

North America | Dominican Republic

Hummingbird Zorzal 70%

This Dark Chocolate will make your heart sing! With cacao from the Dominican Republic, crafted in to chocolate in Canada.  It’s named after a rare songbird native to Ontario, Québec & the Maritimes. Smooth like honey with hints of fresh apricot and pecan.

A lovely, rare songbird native to Ontario, Québec & the Maritimes, the Zorzal is threatened with extinction. In the Zorzal’s winter home in northern Dominican Republic, conservationists & investors are determined to fight for the bird. They’ve created a 300 ha biodiversity sanctuary in the northern highlands to safeguard the bird’s habitat. Sustainably grown cacao (used to make this very bar) supports the sanctuary.

Africa | Tanzania

The Swedish Cacao Company Tanzania 74%

A dark chocolate with pickled notes of plums, cherries, raisins & sour apples. Suitable for you who love a chocolate with high acidity, which here is balanced by sweet and deep tones.  Beans are from the producer Kokoa Kamili who has his fermentation station in the small village of Mbingu, a twelve hour journey on dusty gravel roads from Dar Es Salaam.

This chocolate is made bean to bar in The Swedish Cacao Company’s factory in Österlen. They select cocoa with great care for both taste and nature, always paying significantly more than the fair trade price cocoa which is always sustainably grown.

Oceania | Solomon Islands

Orfève Noir de Noir Matepono 90%

Located to the east of Papua New Guinea, the Kingdom of the Solomon Islands is made up of a thousand islands and islets. In recent years, small family cocoa farms have gradually replaced large palm oil plantations. This Solomon Islands cocoa has been crafted in to Extra fine dark chocolate in Switzerland.  Full-bodied and deep. With a sour and fruity attack, followed by woody aromas.

David Junior Kebu’s cocoa plantation is located in the northeast of Guadalcanal Island, near the town of Honiara. Camped on the banks of the Matepono River, the family farm stands out for the quality of the care taken in fermentation, drying, and the selection of beans. This work earned him, in 2015, a gold medal at the International Cocoa Awards.

South America | Ecuador

Rio Nuevo 72% Plain Dark

For a long time, Ecuador has been, and remains, the world’s most important producer of fine or flavour cocoas. The traditional, distinctive flavour known as Arriba, particularly sought after by makers of fine, high-quality chocolate, is a special characteristic of the Cacao Nacional variety of beans, native to Ecuador.  Crafted in to chocolate in Cornwall.

This bar has aromatic notes that are warm, inviting and lingering.

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