We’re excited about our latest bars, from Meybol Cacao Germany GmbH, located in Hamburg.  They produce and import high quality, rare raw cacao varieties from Peru.

Meybol Antuanet Estendorfer-Moran, originally comes from Peru but has been living in Germany for many years. She loves her homeland, cocoa and chocolate and has always dreamed of bringing these elements together. This is how the business idea for Meybol Cacao was born

Image courtesy Meybol Estendorfer-Moran

Meybol Cacao is committed to the “tree-to-bar” concept. This means control and transparency through the entire value chain – from the cocoa plant to the finished bar. In other words: Directly from the cocoa farmer without middlemen and without a loss of quality.

Cocoa is sourced from nine different regions in Peru as each variety tastes different, and the bars are produced in a factory in Lima.

Meybol Cacao Germany GmbH also sources cocoa from its own plantation of five hectares in Chulucanas (Piura region) in northern Peru, where Porcelana cocoa is grown using traditional methods. 

The local population are direct descendants of the Incas and are not only paid above average for their traditional quality work, they also receive an education.  Thanks to the cocoa cultivation in the region,  they have a secure income and can build a future for themselves and their children.  

Meybol works with small businesses, some of which have left larger Fairtrade cooperatives and are paid much more than the minimum price set by Fairtrade.  For organic cocoa beans, this is currently around $2700 per tonne whereas Meybol pays around $5000. 

Image courtesy Meybol Estendorfer-Moran

Sustainability is of central importance.  At the plantation, Maybol Cacao avoid the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance, while also carefully monitoring energy consumption. Cocoa farmers are encouraged to do the same. 

We offer our customers high quality cocoa without synthetic additives such as pesticides, artificial fertilizers and colorants. The manufacturing process is completely free of industrial solvents, irradiation or genetic engineering. We rely on the transparency of our supply chain and on laboratory tests by independent laboratories in Peru and Germany. Our products are of premium quality and the ingredients are sourced from natural, pollutant-free soils. We take responsibility for the social and ecological factors and guarantee that you are holding a safe, natural and fair product in your hands.

For more information about Meybol, please read this link. [external link, German text]

More information about the cocoa beans can be found here – ChunchoPiuraVraem [external links]

Meybol chocolates contain only two ingredients cocoa and sugar. Some chocolates like Piura and Vraem have a little cocoa butter in addition.

Our range of bars can be found here

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