PARADAi Nakhon Si Thammarat 75%


AoC Gold Winning bar; Complex and spicy with mild sweetness and notes of raisin

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This dark Thai single origin chocolate from Paradai with cocoa from Nakhon Si Thammarat and a cocoa content of 75% is well balanced, melts very pleasantly and is characterized by its complexity with spicy aromas paired with a gentle sweetness. Its velvety texture makes it a unique taste experience and its taste is reminiscent of the local galangal and dried longans.

Galanga is Thai ginger and is an indispensable ingredient in most spice pastes in Thai cuisine. The taste is bitter and spicy on the one hand, but also sweet and spicy on the other, and is reminiscent of a mixture of ginger and pepper with a hint of lemon.

Longan is an exotic fruit from Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and China and is still relatively unknown here. Similar to lychees, they have a very pleasant taste, only a little more sour.

The cocoa comes from several small farmers in Nakhon Sri Thammarat province, where a large part of the cocoa in Thailand is grown. The province of Nakhon Si Thammarat is located in the south of the country on the east coast of the Malay Peninsula on the Gulf of Thailand.

This bar was awarded Gold by the Academy of Chocolate in 2023

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PARADAi Chocolate

In the back gardens of Nakhon Si Thammarat province, the two friends Phurich and Warit discovered neglected cocoa trees and saw the opportunity to make something meaningful out of them. So the two friends founded PARADAi, which means friendship in Thai. After two years of preparation, PARADAi opened its first craft chocolate café with a small craft factory in the old town of Bangkok in 2018. PARADAi sources its cocoa directly from local smallholders in various growing regions in Thailand. Thai cocoa is becoming more and more well-known, particularly through international competitions, and is slowly receiving the recognition it deserves. Phurich, one of the two founders of Paradai, shares their vision: "The cost of buying cocoa beans from local farmers is higher than importing them. But Paradai strives to develop a circular economy, promote local cocoa cultivation in Thailand and the consumption of local products, and produce more sustainably." Here, small farmers cultivate their land according to the traditional farming system. The cocoa is cultivated together with mangos, bananas, coconuts and other fruits, as well as spices and herbs, so that a resilient system with a high level of biodiversity is created. They do not need pesticides, nor do they need to fell trees. Paradai works with a local illustrator friend and wraps the chocolates in beautiful recycled paper with designs inspired by traditional Thai patterns. With striking patterns and two Ramakien characters - the giant and Mekhala - they convey Thai culture through their packaging.


Nutrition Information per 100g:

Energy 2573kJ/615kcal

Total Fat       45.4g

– Saturated     27.9g

Carbohydrates   42.7g

– Sugar         27.4g

Protein          8.8g

Salt               0g

Refer to ‘Additional Information’ for allergens


cocoa mass. cocoa butter, whole cane sugar


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